A Ministry of Care and Nurture for Pastors’ Wives

The 2018 Love Gift For Pastors’ Wives

What is The Love Gift?

Since 1973, the Women’s Discipleship Ministry Love Gift has informed local churches about kingdom- impacting PCA ministries, promoted unity, and provided over $3 million in support. PCA Ministerial Relief is honored to be the recipient of the 2018 Love Gift in support of pastors’ wives.

What is Cherish?

The 2018 Love Gift provides PCA churches a practical way to cherish pastors’ wives with the nurture and support they’ve requested, affordable access to confidential Christian counseling. Thanks to your generosity, PCA pastors’ wives will have access to someone outside their church with whom they can fully and honestly process life and ministry.

In our survey of PCA pastors’ wives, they indicated:

7 out of 10 feel they have few people they can confide in.

8 out of 10 said they would make use of Christian counseling if offered.

9 out of 10 believe they are perceived or treated differently than other women in the church.

How Will My Gift Be Used?

Research data indicates pastors’ wives love their local church but also have a complicated relationship with it. They often encounter expectations not placed on other women in the church as a result of being the pastor’s wife. Moreover, they find it difficult to form transparent relationships within the church since it is their husband’s employer.
The PCA Ministerial Relief ministry has coordinated strategic partnerships with professional Christian counselors across the country with whom PCA pastors’ wives will be able to receive a series of initial counseling sessions for free with a small copay for sessions thereafter. The PCA Ministerial Relief will oversee the coordination of counseling and distribution of funds.

How May I Order Additional Copies of the Cherish Love Gift DVD?

For additional copies of the DVD:

  • Send us an email
  • Call Tim Schirm at 678-825-1100 or 800-283-1357
  • Visit online: Click here to order more copies of the DVD and here order more bulletin inserts.

How Can I Promote the Love Gift?

Order free bulletin inserts by email.

Show the Cherish Love Gift DVD in your church, and briefly explain the purpose, history and significance of the annual Love Gift through:

  • Worship services
  • Church events
  • Sunday School classes
  • Bible studies
  • Youth group gatherings
  • Women’s ministry events
  • Small groups

For More Information About PCA Ministerial Relief

Visit our website or email Bob Clarke or Vickie Poole

Loving Wife and Church Sacrificially

“The day I was married I assumed the role of a husband. Years later, when I was installed in my first church I assumed the role of a pastor. What I didn’t realize until later was the tension that dual role can create.”